Sunday, 9 January 2011

Weightloss Techniques Brainstorm

This is a brainstorm of ideas for how to lose weight while maintaining a modern bachelor lifestyle.

Please comment with other suggestions
Entries will have a heading with a basic description of a technique, then notes on why, a category, and ways of making the technique compete with foods that could otherwise interfere.

Avoid fruit juice - fruit is for eating, water is for drinking.

200ml (one small glass) of even squeezed orange juice with bits left in has about a quarter of a normal person's sugar, in one small liquid hit - which, even though it's technically fruit, is no good for the body's metabolic behaviour

Category: Mildness Acceptance

Competitiveness: how long do peeled fruits last after peeling - ie, can they be peeled in a batch and eaten simply on-demand?

Avoid bitter foods and drinks

It is very easy to eat sugary food afterwards without thinking about it to remove the bitter sensation

Category: Craving Suppression

Competitiveness: No Options, Picture going to the coffee machine, saying "no" and putting the mug back - then hopefully you'll remember not to drink it.

Avoid all sugary foods and treats!

Sugar causes huge disruption in perception. It makes other foods taste bland, causes intense needs for more sugar, causes poor moods that make you lose motivation to be mindful of weightloss considerations

Category: Craving Suppression, Mindfulness, Mildness Acceptance

Competitiveness: No Options, Picture picking up one of your usual snacks or imagine the sensation of intense sweetness, saying "no" and putting the food in the bin.

Eat Soup... Not that horrible salty crap from a can or packet...

But at the weekend just fry up a whole heap of lean meat, onions, garlic. Boil loads of root vegetables. Drain the root veg and reduce the water. Blitz all the ingredients. Add the water in once it reaches a low volume, add a bit of skimmed milk to make your preferred texture, lastly add salt and pepper to taste. Store in cuboid portioned food storage boxes and pack into the fridge/freezer. Remember to only have three days worth in the fridge at a time.

Category: Appetite Suppression, Mindfulness

Competitiveness: Always do this like clock work every weekend and it competes with other foods come lunchtime. Do not take it to work in advance, only on the day... otherwise, halfway through the week you'll forget and by some crap instead.

Eat breakfast every day... Lean Protein, low refined carbs, no packet cereal.

Get a hotplate grill (eg, george foreman). Get thinly sliced meat (eg, slice a chicken breast into two large flat steaks and the tender). Cook quickly till just barely cooked - not till dry. Put between bread for practical reasons with a little bit of squeezy mayo (not weird low-fat mayo crap - it's unnecessary

Category: Appetite Suppression

Competitiveness: This needs to compete with not eating breakfast and thus developing cravings. To do this you need to ensure there is preparation and cleanup space available, that the hotplate is always available and kept clean.
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